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The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic takes place in early summer. Although New Yorkers would like to think of it as a quintessentially New York event, it takes place in Liberty Park, New Jersey. It’s about champagne, polo, charity, celebrities, and as one might expect given all that, fashion. 

Even if you don’t like champagne and couldn’t care less about polo, the view alone is a reason to attend the event.


The mix of people makes it a great place to take pictures, and every year local newspapers, magazines, and Instagram accounts are filled with them. It’s definitely all about who wore what and what’s fashionable this year. If you want to see some of that, go here to the New York Times, what they wore.  

Polo is an old Persian sport, played by mixed teams of four. 


We all know that riding apparel is attractive: the boots, the pants, and even the helmets, with their jaunty chin straps, seem to look good on everyone. The handsome androgyny of the look is unusual; I’m not sure many other “uniforms” look as good as these on both sexes. And of course, the beautiful horses add to the appeal of the whole. 

What strikes me most in this picture though, is the posture of the rider.

If you’ve ever been taught to ride, you’ll remember that one of the first things they teach you is how to take your “seat.” The former personal trainer and yoga teacher in me really appreciates posture and these women have good posture. (Interestingly, besides posture, one of the other meanings for the word asana, is seat.)

There are several reasons to have good posture while riding. First, bad posture, while on horseback, will absolutely kill your back. Then, the horse knows, he too feels your seat. He can tell by your posture if your in control, and obviously you want to be, especially, I would think, in a sport like polo. There’s just one more thing.

If you don’t exactly feel like a member of the aristocracy, on a horse you will at least feel like a romantic heroine, riding to meet her lover, and heroines don’t slouch.

In any case there’s something to be learned from this elite little sport. If you can’t wear a riding habit, you can at least sit up straight. Just pretend you’re on a horse. Seriously.   


Another thing that strikes me about these women, is how comfortable they look. They look strong, confident and truly at one with the horse.  

Photos by Denton Taylor 



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  • Fabulous, Anita! I love going to the polo. It’s one of the only sports involving animals that I feel OK about. Lovely write-up and wonderful photographs! xx

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