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weighted blankets and sleeping frenchies, q&a
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melting candle neck


*Weighted blankets and sleeping French Bulldogs. Pick one. Weighted blankets have become increasingly popular recently, and “people” are blaming it on the stress freely swirling about in society at this time. I can’t argue with that, but my way of decompressing and bringing my blood pressure down these days is puppy videos.

It’s remarkable what thirty seconds of three “Frenchies,” huddled together, bellies up, can do for me. 

*Captured those glorious, warm colored, juicy snapdragons in my local florists/plant/and coffee shop. They’re part of my collection for palette assemblage.

*What’s your take on the Amy Klobuchar bitchy boss story? Mine is, I don’t like bitchy bosses, men or women. I believe that the way one leads and “bosses” is indicative

of their deeper self, the part where morality resides. 

If you wouldn’t humiliate a family member or “important” person like that, why would you humiliate an employee like that? 

Either way, you won’t lead me.

*I was not invited to Fashion Week again this year. 

*I only posted once last week, and despite vowing not kick myself about that, as I have in the past, I’m kicking myself. So I have to give an accounting of what I was occupied with, because that will make me feel better. You feel me? 

Besides sewing, I’ve been going to the gym on a regular basis, and I’ve gotten to a level of fitness that I remember feeling lots of years ago.

Fitness is about feeling for me, I trust my body and what it tells me.

I push myself hard, but not too hard, and I know when to back off and rest. While I don’t always love the looks of my body, I love what it’s capable of, I love its essential earthiness.

*So Green Book won best picture, but there’s a deeper story

*While I haven’t done a scientific accounting, pink, it seems, was the color at the Oscars this year. And it’s part of my palette for spring. 

*The Oscars highlights for me were Lady Gaga’s and Bradley Cooper’s duet, and of course, Olivia Colman’s acceptance speech. You?

*I’ve been having a “discussion” about one Saturday Night Live skit with a gerontologist and anti-ageism advocate, on social media. The long and short of it is that she thinks a skit on SNL was ageist and I disagree. 

*Do you talk about ageism with your friends and acquaintances?

melting candle neck

Linda Rodin in Merlette

I have “melting candle neck,” that’s what the model/designer/stylist Linda Rodin (see her Instagram feed, here), calls the look of her neck. You know the look, and if you don’t, good for you…

I’m especially fond of this picture of Rodin in a Merlette dress. And please don’t tell me you wouldn’t look good in it for this, or that or other reason.

I’m noticing more and more how even “free thinking” ladies start making rules for what they do and don’t look good in.

You know I’m not without the occasional “rule” myself, but don’t narrow down your options, before you’ve even tried the thing on!

When I made this scarf I wasn’t thinking of hiding my neck, because generally, I’m not into hiding the upper arms, neck, or anything else.  I was thinking about how I love the feel of silk around my neck. 

Particularly in the wintertime, silk feels wonderful because the skin around my neck and chest seems to be especially sensitive to even slightly itchy sweaters. While this scarf itself looks a bit like melting wax, I like it.

If you have the same sensitivity, or if you want to hide “melting candle neck,” try a silk scarf.

Then there’s this way to wear it.

This is the same fabric that I pictured here in my “palette post.”  Recently, my palette seems to be veering dangerously close to orange. I think I’ll back away from that thank you.


“If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.”

—Ava DuVernay




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