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Ted Talks

If you click on this link, you can see Ashton Applewhite, author of This Chair Rocks, giving a Ted Talk at the Library of Congress. If you don’t, you’re misssing out on something really good. 



I don’t know if I would ever feel comfortable wearing tartan, but when I look at these Rei Kawakubo pieces, I think I might want to try. They are simply elegant.

Great designers seem to go through “tartan periods.” 


Alexander McQueen did. 


Vivienne Westwood is also knows for her use of tartan. This Westwood ensemble is to die for. The fire and gloss of the silk skirt, with the pattern and texture of the sweater under the coat, is brilliant. The coat, the size of the squares, they’re perfect. The blue grey is a break from the red and tones down the red. The coat’s length is just right and the cut of the sleeves divine. 

And the stockings are precisely the right amount of icing on the Westwood cake.

The last thing I’ll rapsodize about here, is the draping! All three of the designers have draped their fabric like it whispered to them. This cannot be a small feat, the tartan pattern after all, is geometric. Think about it. So yes, in conclusion, masterful work by all three designers.

This is when fashion becomes art. 


“At a recent academic conference, a collegue cited a survey that asked women, ‘Would you rather wear ethical fashion or be sexy?'” … “To me, this question is absurd: By allowing ‘sexy’—’stylish,’ ‘cute’—to occupy a morally neutral position on the same continuum as ‘ethical fashion,’ we fail to confront the actual choice. The real alternative to ethical fashion is unethical fashion, and ‘cute vs. ugly’ notwithstanding, that’s your real choice when you go shopping.”

Paul Dillinger
Vice President of Global Product Innovation, Levi Strauss & Co.



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  • I love those Rei Kawakubo pieces! It’s just a shame that Vivienne Westwood asks us to pay £400 plus for a skirt, but doesn’t bother to line it! It’s disappointing when you start to see designers cut corners like this and the skirt I’m referring to definitely needed lining. I am still a fan of hers though, hopefully this was just a one-off example.

    You’ve been busy! I’m behind on my reading and you’ve posted some great content, I’ve bookmarked that Ted Talk to watch later this week.

    You also look fabulous, by the way! I LOVE your hair and the playfulness Denton has captured in the photographs.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Esther xx

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