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from skirt to bag

from skirt to bag the thing i made styling, 101 ways quoting from skirt to bag Like I said, “I made a thing,” and this is the thing I made. I’m oh so proud of both the thing and this “mod” picture I took. It went from skirt to bag, and it was made using […]



upperwestside polyester quoting I took this picture in my “hood,” on the Upper West Side. While I like it like it is, this was one time I regretted not talking to the woman and getting her whole look. She had the most wonderful black, oversized sunglasses on, and, she had the most beautiful face! And […]


Project Just, slow knits

Cashmere, wool, alpaca? What is the difference? Which animal is which and what do you want your sweater made of?   I’m often told that people don’t really know where to go for slow fashion. I understand that: it’s not like there are street signs pointing the way to the Slow Fashion Shop. So here’s a […]