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the “sacred grail of youth”

Prue Stent sacred grail: letter to my friend quoting “Aging as if you haven’t aged at all doesn’t simply expose us to a standardized idea of beauty. It is a narrative that actively prevents us from understanding beauty in forms that do not correspond to the youthful canon. Consequently, the more we chase the Sacred Grail […]


it’s the little things

it’s the little things rings and fanny packs earrings mending quoting: Julia Twigg It’s the little things, that’s what people say. Well I never really believed those “people,” until this summer when I was “gifted” (horrible word), these little samples, after I had a rare, and kind of meh, facial.  But never mind the facial, […]


but how do i wear it?

but how do i wear it? a “conversation” with norma kamali instagrams and blogs quoting but how do i wear it? I just bought this vintage Norma Kamali garment for $15.00 at a thrift store, great, but how do I wear it? I use the word garment because I’m not quite sure if it’s a […]