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eileen fisher, not-quite-perfect

Victoria and Albert Museum  not-quite-perfect the real perfect boot quoting eileen fisher Not quite perfect but close. I went to an Eileen Fisher, “Not-Quite-Perfect” sale on Saturday at Fab Scrap. The skirt fit me perfectly, and I think you’ll agree, looks good despite the wrinkles, the only thing wrong with it .  Because I didn’t have a […]


perfect imperfections

‘Cause all of meLoves all of youLove your curves and all your edgesAll your perfect imperfections’ -John Legend I admit to a real fondness for this corny little John Legend song, All of Me. I can’t help humming to it when it comes on in a random store, in anywhere USA. I like both John and […]


friday, women working

Women Working This young lady is a barista at my favorite, local coffee joint. She’s got the sunniest personality and the calmest disposition, not to mention a great smile! I go to this place almost every morning, sit outside with my real cup and saucer, not a paper cup, and watch the city happen around me:  […]