I took this picture in my “hood,” on the Upper West Side. While I like it like it is, this was one time I regretted not talking to the woman and getting her whole look. She had the most wonderful black, oversized sunglasses on, and, she had the most beautiful face! And obviously, the animal prints are still ruling here in the city.


Love this polyester dress from Roucha. Wait, what did I just say? Yes, I love the dress, but it’s polyester, one of the most polluting fabrics to manufacture out there!

This is no longer a dilemma for me, I just couldn’t make myself buy this garment, it’s a conscious choice.

I am not holier than thou though, while I may not buy polyester, I do still buy some few things made with man-made fibers. Socks and underwear, for example, are most often the places you’ll find me breaking my own “rules.” And it’s hard to get away from elastane when

we’re talking athletic wear.

The whole fast fashion, slow fashion, ethical fashion, sustainability, yadda yadda, thing, can feel like just one more pesky thing to pay attention to in a world where we need to be paying attention to too many things. I understand that,

but if the recent statements on climate change bummed you out as much as they did me, maybe we need to redefine “pesky?”

But what’s a consumer to do? What do you do when you’ve found a new designer and money is burning a hole in your pocket but they manufacture some of their things with stuff like polyester?

You find something else you absolutely need, made by the same designer, in a more environmentally friendly fabric. And tadah! problem solved. Not really, of course, but it’s an option. No one in their right mind would tell you that by purchasing this slouchy, shawl-collared coat, made of 95% wool and 5% nylon you’re going to save anything,

but the small changes, that every one of us makes, still matter.


“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

—Coco Chanel



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  • Michelle says:

    Hi, I am no authority, but I thought cotton was a huge polluter too. Where do we go for data-driven information on this topic?

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