pink and blue, mostly blue


“Ah, but I was so much older then 
I’m younger than that now.”

Tough week for everyone this week? I was reminded of the Dylan song, My Back Pages.” Ah… I feel younger these days, young and in shock, and it’s not because I don’t get the technology, or the music, or the styles.

I believe in evolution not devolution, and because I do, I have to have faith, and yet my faith in all sorts of things is rapidly dwindling. 

Maybe my feelings are due to some kind of wisdom that comes with age? Cynicism, even pessimism, seem to affect quite a few of us with the passing of time.

Recently, psychologists seem to be countering the whole “positivism” trend with the idea that pessismists are actually just people who see things the way they are, realists, and hence simply more intelligent than optimists.

I’ll cling to that thought for now. I’ve always been the glass is half empty type. Today anyway, you will not convince me otherwise.

No More Anti-aging!

How many of you were ecstatic when you saw that picture of Helen Mirren, the Dame, in so many ways? How many of you thought, “I want to be like Helen Mirren when I growup?” Well, we’re all grown up, time to be like Helen. 

Thank you Allure magazine. To hell with anti-aging.

Reinforcing Beliefs


Once you become aware of something, you form a belief around it, then you see it everywhere and that reinforces the belief. That’s how it’s been with me and pinks, reds, oranges, and now blues. It seems like that’s all I’m seeing. Last week it was pink and blue everywhere. I wonder what it’ll be next week?



Shoes: Loeffler Randall 

Small Things

In the spirit of being grateful for small things, these are the small things I’m currently grateful for. Sure, it’s fluff, but I need some fluff right now!

Jennifer Lawrence, J. Law, not J. Lo, is going to be on the cover of the September, Vogue mega issue, and she’s posing in front of the Statue of Liberty! 

I’m finding some kind of new, fashion mojo.

Velvet is still in.

That picture of Helen Mirren, though.

Tina Fey and sheet cake.

What are the small, fluffy things you’re grateful for?


“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.”

Giorgio Armani




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