le weekend at look for the woman

“Le weekend” at Look For The Woman! Two pictures I took this week of two very different women in different places in New York. The woman in orange was walking down Columbus Avenue, on the Upper West Side, UWS.

The woman in pink is on Fifth Avenue, in Chelsea. Some of you may recognize her silhouette, her hair cut and color? She’s Lynn Yaeger, the well-knows fashion editor to Vogue.  

Both women are prime examples of women with their very own, unique style, and both women appeared to be perfectly comfortable in their own skin. Something to be admired at any age.


“The Balenciaga show was act two of this double-barrelled fashion parade, and seeing one after the other, you knew who was the master, Balenciaga’s clothes had depth and interesting cuts that the younger Givenchy was yet to learn. The contrast of real couture and surface ideas was vividly portrayed to me that night.” 

—Bill Cunningham, Fashion Climbing



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  • Pamela K. says:

    I love these pictures of women seen on the streets of New York! Real life can be more inspiring than photo shoots of models. Thank you!

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