a blog is like a lover

a blog is like a lover
content creating
summer suiting 

hello young lovers

age buster

A blog is like a lover: he stirs your heart and soul, but sometimes you think you might be better off without him. 

A blog is like your mother, never satisfied with the way you assimilated the lessons she taught you. A blog is like a sister, I can only imagine, a roller coaster of a relationship, frightening in both the love and exasperation you can feel for her. A blog is like a husband, sometimes you just need a vacation from him.

A blog is like your BFF, sometimes distant, but always good to reunite with.

Add to that my followers, and I have a whole village of people I feel I have to answer to.

That’s me anyway, that’s my relationship to Look For The Woman. But damn it,

it’s a good thing! Ha! you think I’m going to bail on you, say something like, “but like all good things…” Nope, not a chance. I love this process: the writing, the curation, the connections I have been able to make. But, I do need a break.

I need to light a fire under the creative me.

I need to learn more about fashion in general and slow fashion in particular. I need to make more face-to-face connections, to people with similar passions. And I need to figure out if I can monetize this blog.

So in the next few months I’m going to kindle my fire by looking at more art, traveling, and making fashion. I’m going to read, take classes, and volunteer at Fab Scrap. I’m going to follow-up on the list of people I want to get to know, makers and shakers and movers in the slow and ethical fashion world. 

While I’ve never been one to “play it safe,” these days, perhaps due to the overall state of the world, I have even less desire to do so. I’m going to stretch my neck, poke at the introvert in me, and step out on some edges I’ve been reluctant to venture onto in the past. And by doing those things, I hope to be able to create more compelling “content.” 

Content, what a flat word for stuff that should be textured, scrumptious, thought-provoking, mind-blowing.

While we usually think of content as words and images made for media, I like to include the substance on which content rides.

From the painters at the New School, to the bakers at the Culinary Institute, and the “recreators” who mend old jeans and the ones who stitch two, originally unrelated garments together and make them into art, like Born Again Vintage, they’re all the real content creators.

They make the things we read and write about, the things we want and aspire to, and I have a great deal of respect for them. They are the avant-garde of a new, sustainable, and increasingly necessary way of living. 

summer suiting

Love suits, just love them. I suppose it has something to do with my fantasy of being a high-powered business woman. “Here she comes, brace yourselves.”

It also has to do with my fascination, and the fascinating psychology behind androgyny, a woman in a suit is neither fish nor fowl, and that’s what I like. Always keep them guessing. But what to do in the summer time?

Summer suiting of course.

This is the phenomenon that is Gigi Hadid of course. Sans the label on the cuff, I think this is perfect, I could feel good in this. From the chunky boots to the mod sunglasses, and is that a book in her hand? What do you think of the look?

Got a pantsuit you want deconstructed?

Here we go again, me thinks this is a copied look? This time with “sneaks” on. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the designer is, and I don’t know who this model is either. What though, do you think of these colors? I’m particularly partial to the first, on Hadid. 

This is what being an “influencer” is about. Taking a designer’s work for a quick spin. This is the substance of content that I curate. And this is what I have a perverse interest in, it’s what keeps me coming back to blogging.

hello young lovers

Must be spring, I’m all about lovers…

Talking about androgyny. For a very long time, I’ve had a recurring thread running through my dreams. I’m a young man, a handsome young man, a lover. But I’m also the object of his desire. There’s always a physical and mental coming together in these dreams. It’s always about the mind and the body. 

Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise, I am physical, I meditate. Exploring and making a connection between my mind and body is a deep part of my life. But the fact that this preoccupation expresses itself through a young man, in a dream, why? I’ve had various therapists and other smart people speculate with me, but we haven’t really figured it out yet.

Do you ever see someone, either in person or in a picture, that you are immediately attracted to? It is something like falling in love, but better. If you believe in reincarnation, you might feel like you’ve known this person before, in another life. 

You might call them a kindred spirit, or a brother from another mother?

These people, who you have this attraction to, can be male, female, young or old. In any case, there’s an ageless feeling about your connection to them. To me, this is one of the most pleasant feelings, one of the things I like about being human. And this is the feeling that I get from the picture of, Gesaffelstein, the DJ in this picture. He is the young lover of my dreams… 


Don’t you love it, when you walk into a room, and it kind of takes your breath away? After that happens I get a kind of silly, mushy half-smile on my face. I know that for the time being, at least, I’m going to feel very good. That’s how I feel when I look at this bar/café. 

The mix of chairs “retro” chairs, the colors, textures and wood floor, the panel behind the banquet, they make me want to settle in and stay for a while. 

Garance Doré

Bedrooms are hard to “decorate,” I think, unless of course you’re Garance Doré. This is a bit of a dream look for me.

There is a very interesting post on Doré’s blog with, Eric Ripert, the famous chef, buddhist, and great friend of the late, great, Anthony Bourdain. If that kind of stuff is on your radar, check it out here.


age buster

I was recently interviewed by, Stefania Medetti, at the blog Age Buster. It turned out well, even though I have a way of saying I don’t believe in do’s and dont’s and then go one to give lists of do’s and don’ts. Please read, Stefania’s blog is a thoughtful addition to the discussion of aging and ageism.

I’m off to create content. See you in August, my friends.



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  • Barbara says:

    Anita– the interview on Agebuster was fabulous! And the picture of you that went with it was pretty awesome, too. I think I have to re-read This Chair Rocks.

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