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“the aftermath”

Dear Readers:

I’ve written before about how I’m not good at the self disclosure “thing.” However, in the case of my long absence from the blog, disclosure seems appropriate if not actually necessary. 

In June, my 92-year-old father passed away; the father from whom I had been estranged for most of my life. As his only child, what I have come to think of as “the aftermath,” fell to me.

I’m fine, just experiencing some culture shock after spending almost a month in a hotel, in the Midwest. I need a bit of a rest. 

I’ll return in the fall, to curate, to show, opinionate, and periodically rant, once again.

In the meantime, make the very best of your summer and, don’t forget to persist.



meditate first, then drink


Third generation hatmaker, Layce Cates Heaton, in one of her beautiful hats. Beautiful women working.


In the spirit of the “wild west” and Godless, the Netflix series I just binged on, this look from Matthildur. The top is called the Sand Shirt, and the cut definitely has something of the west about it.

The wide legged pants are like the pants that Michelle Dockery wore throughout the show.

The most wonderful thing about this ensemble, is that it’s %100 pima cotton from Peru! And if you don’t know pima cotton, you should. It’s the highest quality cotton, it’s soft and durable.    



this is not a sale

40%, 50%, 70% off?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember when we were thrilled to get 10% or 20% off at any SALE, even at Christmas? So why the change? A skirt was originally priced at $200, and now it’s down to $60? Wonderful, you say? 

Not so fast, think about it.

Think back to when you bought a blazer, a blazer you may still have, it cost you more than the schmatte you can buy today at H&M, didn’t it? But you still have it, and, you love it and get compliments every time you wear it.

The blazer may even have been made in America!

But even if it wasn’t, even if it was made in Italy, it was quality.

The price of clothing has been going down for years. People today, from most demographics, shop for clothes on a weekly basis. It’s just what we do, and we can do it thanks to fast fashion.

I’ve talked about my own dilemma before, (more…)


unusual business


I love seeing things like this, it’s proof that recycling is becoming a thing in mainstream retail. This sign was in front of a Lululemon store.

I’m assuming they donate the mats to non-profit organizations, or perhaps give them to people who actually recycle them to make new mats. I didn’t ask this time, but I’ll find out.

Given how widespread the popularity of yoga is these days, the thought of all those old mats going into landfills—that’s scary!

Scandinavian Style

These little crossbody bags are from COS, the “Collection of Style” stores. COS is part of the huge, and I do mean huge, Swedish, H&M comglomerate. There are some 200 COS stores in 30 countries!

But unlike the usual H&M fast fashion offerings, COS clothes are infinitely more sophisticated. 

This is not your granddaughter’s thing.

COS garments are minimalist, classic in style, and generally pretty well made. There collections usually come in interesting and unusual colors.