a beautiful mess

Earring of the Day

This single ear pendant, from Luiny, answers to my love of, what should we call it, quirkiness? Just imagine wearing this, just this one piece of jewelry, with a black dress and red or pink lipstick.

Minimalism anyone?

A Beautiful Mess

My “slow fashion shop” is a mess, and it has been for a while. I’m trying to think of a way to responsibly curate, catalog, and present things in a timely fashion. I’m drawing blanks, I’m wondering if anyone cares, I’m wondering if I care about anyone caring…

I am a “solipsistic mess,” I am the kind of person who uses the word solipsistic and then looks it up to make sure I know what it means.

One definition of solipsistic: extreme geocentrism.

Great, I’m Trump with better hair. So much for the Monday morning philosophy chat. (Actually, it’ almost 11:00.) Repeat after me, “I am a beautiful mess.”


In the spirit of giving, look at this! It’s the “The Single-Malt Gift Set” from The Line. At $172., it is not the kind of thing you buy for your office’s “secret santa” exchange, but still, what a nice gift for someone who drinks a single-malt.

I know a person who drinks bourbon, Walker Thornton, a recent contributor to the zine. Is bourbon a single-malt? Obviously, this is not a good gift for me. 


Do you love this red? Do you love the contrasting fabrics, the matte crepe top with the silky gloss of the bottom?

And do you love the tulip silhouette, a flattering shape for any woman?

The dress is from Universal Standard. Just in time for a holiday party of 100, or 1. This dress with the earring above. Perfect.

“Stay Out The Bushes”

“Stay out the bushes.” Who said that?

Maybe you’re thinking about Billy Bush this morning? And, “how odd to be thinking about Billy Bush.” Or, “nothing these days is odd.”

I’m thinking, that given the revelations and affirmations of the recent past, no man should ever wonder why women often seem not to really like men.

First you harass us, then, once the harassment is over, the victim blaming starts.

Sometimes, it’s “subtle,” she flirted, her skirt was short. Sometimes it’s just sick, she asked for it! Then, the name calling: bitch, slut, weak, aggressive.

And then the mansplaining and “advice” giving begins, you should have screamed, complained, run.

Even those of us who generally like men, have had a hard time trusting and respecting them.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but any thinking person has to welcome the sea change that’s about to happen.   



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  • Whilst we both know you are far, far more than Trump, but with better hair, that line did make me laugh! It makes me sad for the good men though that so many women do seem to have a hard time trusting and respecting any of them, I worry about the good men. Esther xx

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