5 worst blogging mistakes, plus


Lisellote Watkins Falk

5 Worst Blogging Mistakes

Once you begin blogging, you become aware of “confession flavored” posts, written by bloggers, like mine today. They often start with something like: “This is what I’ve learned…” I read those posts early on, and mostly I heeded the advice. 

  1. Know your audience
  2. Develop an editorial calendar
  3. Be consistent
  4. Promote your blog on social media
  5. Engage with other bloggers


Here’s what else I’ve learned about that advice.

You can’t truly know your audience before you have one.

While you will want to believe that there’s a population of like-minded readers out there who will want to sign up to receive daily posts from you, you can’t know that before you start blogging. 

Unless you’re a socialite, with a vast number of friends and acquaintances, we all start with one or two readers, mostly family members. Know that,

unless you’re one of a small number of people whose followers grow “virally,” in the beginning, you will be working in a vacuum.

While an editorial calendar is important, being flexible and creative is more important.

If your editorial calendar is filled with posts like everyone else’s in your particular niche, your posts won’t be of high enough quality to gain and maintain an audience. If your editorial calendar is full of ideas for posts you can’t follow-up on, either due to a lack of resources or time, it’s of no use. In short, take your editorial calendar seriously!  

For most of us, being consistent is really difficult.

All hail to the writers of books and blogs, who are able to get up early, put in the time, put down the words, and put down the pen or hit post, consistently. Posting consistently is not just a habit one has to cultivate, it’s a discipline that calls for sacrifices that one has to be willing to make. So check your committment to the discipline in the beginning and all along the way. You will be tried.

While social media is important, actually blogging is more important.  

I love social media, just love it. But if you spend all of your time perusing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but neglect your “baby,” your blog, social media will become just another “time sink.” You might make connections, even good ones, but those connections will be for naught if you haven’t got anything to share with your connections. Your blog always has got to come first! 

You have to be choosy about those you engage with.

Just as with social media, there are thousands of different groups and “communities” out there to get caught up with. In my experience though, those who I consider the very best bloggers, are very selective about who they engage with.

It’s not just a matter of “branding,” wanting to be affiliated with one group over another. It’s more about time management and “kinship.” Think twice before you engage with groups with whom you have little real affinity. If they don’t feed you in any meaningful way, you’re better off spending your time elsewhere.

I’m Back

Yes, I’ve been absent for a while. (Read above, under “consistency.”) In the future, I will be posting in much the same way I have: a mix of fashion, politics, art, and editorials. Some days I might just post a picture or a link to something that struck me as important. Other days will be more focused on less.

Drop me a line if you’re with me. Drop me a line if you’re not.

The Line 

Photograph, The Line

These two, yum, minimalism. I love The Line, the very swank, store-in-apartment located in both New York and Los Angeles. They have always tended towards a clean and modern minimalism that appeals to me more and more these days.

What’s not to love about this simple/not simple shirt, leggings, and killer belt ensemble?

And the trench below is, classic/not classic. If you haven’t noticed, I have a tendency to say that “I don’t think I would wear it,” but this, I’d like to try. While the sheen says “see me,” the color black says “uniform,” and that’s rather cheeky I think.

Photograph, The Line


Photograph by Gie Knaeps/Getty Images

A bit fascinated by Madonna? Want to understand the subversive power of the corset? Read this article at AnOther Magazine.




  • Leslie says:

    More advice: follow your heart. Write about what you are passionate about…and others will be inspired by that passion. Like…how we love this blog, A!

  • I’m definitely with you! It made me so happy to see a new blog post from you and your advice is spot on and timely.

    I agree with you about consistency (says the blogger who allowed two months to pass between blog posts), but do we really need to post daily anymore? I would follow a blogger who stuck to a fortnightly schedule, as long as she/he did so consistently. Which is what I’m considering doing myself.

    By the way, I’d love to know who you consider to be the very best bloggers? It’s so good to have you back!

    Esther xx

  • Mary B. says:

    With you. Very much enjoy your thoughtful and engaging blog. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson, who could have been a wonderful blogger, too!

  • Melanie says:

    Well, I pretty much falter on almost every point here. But the thing is, I’m okay with it. And I don’t mind when bloggers are not consistent. This may be why I don’t make mega-millions – YET! Hahaha!!! I LOOOVED that Madonna corset and once sculpted a desk light modeled on that torso.

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