women working, the ballerina mime


It was a hot and humid day, when I walked past the ballerina mime in Central Park. I had seen other people doing this kind of mime work, but never the ballerina. I’ve speculated about the grueling aspects of this job versus what might be considered the “perks.” 

You don’t have to move, you get to be outside, you can meditate while posing, and the makeup and costume afford you some anonymity.

For some, however, all of these things would bring absolute misery. I’ve always found it fascinating that one person will shudder at the thought of being a cop, while another might honestly think it’s an interesting job. One individual’s heaven is the courtroom and still another’s the emergency room. 

If you run into the ballerina mime, “please show respect…”



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  • Have you read ‘The Art of Asking’ by Amanda Palmer? I’m not a fan of her music, but I did love this book. In it she details her experience of performing as a living statute in a wedding dress and it was fascinating. xx

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