women working, meat-cutting


There’s a new restaurant in the neighborhood, White Gold Butchers, “a full-service whole animal butcher shop and eatery.” This is not the place for anyone who resolved to go vegetarian or vegan starting January 1. “Whole animal” here means whole animal: hearts, tongues, livers, marrow and all. 

This is a slow food establishment, the meat is local, and ethically raised. White Gold is a sister restaurant to the beloved restaurant the Spotted Pig, located in Greenwich Village. Recently, I had my first bone broth at White Gold. I also had some of the best prepared vegetable dishes I’ve had in a long time. So, just as long as  your vegetarian friends can deal with the carcasses, they can accompany you to White Gold.

The woman working, in the green touque, is doing a very difficult and dangerous job. I think she looks like an elf, but I’m sure she’s as tough as the bones she deals with. 



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