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Force of Nature

Women are indeed a “force of nature.” Whether it’s Serena Williams on court, Michelle Wolf at the podium, or Meghan Markle walking down the aisle alone, there’s a power in each that exists independent of the woman. We all have it. Yes, you too. It’s that all bets are off, “times up,” force.

What’s the female equivalent of “balls to the wall?”

But did you ever wish you were a little less powerful, a little less forceful, less natural? I have at times. Why do I have to get quite that angry about this injustice? Do I really have to cry that hard when I’m mourning? And, “Hard work is fine, but am I crossing over into martyrdom here?”

I do believe that it’s mother nature that makes us the powerful creatures we are. We are tied to something bigger than us, and it’s a good thing because if the “future is female,” we’re going to need all the help we can get.


There’s a continuum, an ongoing theme, a “bloody” reality to womanhood. It starts with actual blood, proceeds to the “sneeze pee,” and in between there are all the other fluids that can make being a woman both wonderfully “astonishing” and just plain unpleasant. There’s no denying it, we women are a juicy lot.

From sex, to periods, to childbirth, which can lead to incontinence, it’s all in our nature.

That’s why, no matter what your age, you might want to look at Icon Undies, or Thinx, by the Thinx “sisterhood.”

There’s a continuum to this sisterhood.

If you find yourself “peeing” these days when you cough, sneeze, or exercise Icon Undies may be for you.

French Cut Icon Undies


How do Icons work?  Briefly stated, they have several layers of moisture-wicking, absorbent, anti-odor, leak proof lining. Read here.

I really like the new “French Cut” Icons, but all of the Icon Undies are well made and comfortable, and that makes them sexy. But do they work? Are they good? Yes, and yes. When I was first sent a pair of Icons, I wore them when I worked out, because frankly sisters, that’s when I “pee.”

However, now I realize that wearing the “light” flow Icons is great for everyday, especially in the heat of the summer. But for heavier flow, there is also a “moderate.” 



If your daughter or granddaughter complains about the bulk, strings, and all around discomfort of “feminine protection,” (a funny notion, you must admit), tell her about Thinx.

And if the idea of “bonding” with your granddaughter over a discussion about “juiciness” and underwear scares you, perhaps that’s why you need to take the plunge? 

Fistula Foundation

So, have you heard of obstetric fistula? No? Read here about what it is and how Icon Undies gives back to the Fistula Foundation. I think you’ll agree with me, that obstetric fistula is a condition that we should help those women in poor countries affected by it.

I can’t think of an easier decision about where to spend my money on underwear, Thinx/Icon.

Speaking of forces of nature, Catherine Hamlin is one. I’ve been in awe of her since I first heard about her on 60 Minutes, over 30? years ago. She’s the Australian obstetrician and gynecologist, who, together with her husband, founded the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. The work they do is really nothing short of miraculous. 

Hamlin Fistula



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