what to wear to the resistance

Cashmere socks, simply the most comfy, cozy luxury for your feet. Because you’ll be wearing I’m-going-to-kick-some-butt boots, the cashmere socks are going to be an absolute necessity. Your fellow resisters don’t need to know what’s on your feet, or how much it costs. Let them wear Smartwool!

Cashmere for the rest of us. March on!


It’s OK if your outsides make you look like a member of the French Labour movement; as with the socks, no one needs to know what’s underneath. Go for the silk, so while you’re screaming your lungs out about who is and who isn’t your President, you can still feel the je ne sais quois.

Beautiful underpinnings are going to make you feel like a naughty French mistress who’s also an urban guerilla.


Boots, always boots! One does not wear trainers to the resistance. Your toes, after all, will likely be stomped on. No need to go steel-toed, though; foregoing style completely is never necessary. Whether short or tall, boots will give you that little bit of edge necessary to prove your street cred. Scuff them up though, and practice the toe stomping by having your family jump on your toes.

Just remember, homies don’t wear flats.


As far as pants go: jeans, baby, jeans. The more worn and tattered the better. Here’s where the runway meets street style. However, big warning: no $400 jeans, please. Black jeans are good, but only if they’re old.

Preferably, your jeans look like they’ve been around since the beat era and Jack Kerouac.

Am I showing my age? Tough. Patches are good, but paint spatters are pretentious. Who do you think you are, an artist? Leave your designer jeans at home, and remember, cheap jeans are cool this season. 


A hoodie—don’t leave home without it. And need I say that the hood must be worn outside the leather jacket? With the hoodie, you’re allowed a little leeway; go for a bit of color if you want. Just keep it dark, please. Remember, we are protesting. Pastels at the resistance are a no!


When the times and weather get tough, the tough wear leather.

Not unlike your jeans, the leather can’t be too new or too expensive. Thrift or vintage leather is best. In any case, a little beat-up is essential. Style? Biker, of course, duh.

And please don’t call it a motorcycle jacket, or worse still, a “moto.” 

I strongly suggest you stick with black. When in doubt, black is best. If you must go for brown, go with a nice dirty brown; you want to coordinate with the street. (Side note: if you can borrow your jacket from your boyfriend, go for it!)




This is oh, so hard for me: pussy-hat pink is not my thing, and I’ve long been against pink for women “of a certain age.”

It’s just not chic to be wearing a hat the color of your va-jay-jay. Black is best, and grey is ok. For those of us who stopped dyeing our hair (is anyone still dyeing their hair?), grey can really bring out the wisdom of your look. Call me a crone, grey is a statement.

It says “I’m old and grey, I’ve done this shit before.”

I know, I know, fanny packs? Yes! Have you seen the current season’s fanny packs? To die for. After all, you have to have some place to put your Dior Iconic 999 lipstick. Lipstick to the resistance you ask? Absolutely, a red lip tells the world you’re serious. People will be attracted to the red gash that is your mouth when your announcing your intention to persist!

chanelGloves? No, absolutely not. Gloves will give you away. Real women don’t wear gloves to the resistance.

Jewelry? Are you kidding me? 

All of the above are actually things I love, from people and companies I support, like American Giant and Milot Tricot. Click on the pictures to shop. You can’t have Jeff Goldblum, of course. His picture is from GQ UK. You’re welcome.




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