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When I opened my mail this morning, this is one of the first things I saw, my daily “alert” from J.Crew. And of course, because I’m highly attuned to these things, I took note that the woman in the picture is “older.”

Because I was not yet fully awake, I spent the next few minutes drinking coffee, while numbly gazing at the picture. After a few gulps, some more questions came up. First question: is this picture chosen especially for me?   

Does the 30 something year old woman, in the apartment 3 floors above mine, get a picture of a 30 something year old?

Does the Asian woman down the block get a picture of an Asian woman? You get the picture… The funny thing about age though,

is that when I went to look at the individual pictures of the new items on offer, there wasn’t one of the same or another older woman. 

Did they think they could just draw me in with their picture? Are they manipulating me? 

Yes they are, and why, you might ask, do I continue to willingly receive J.Crew email? I do because it’s such a quintessential, normcore, American brand. It’s a daily snapshot into what’s happening in a certain, still very important sector of the fashion business.

If J.Crew goes older, if they start retouching lumps and bumps less, if their model line-up adds a new representative of one more ethnic group, you know those changes at least, are here to stay.

So much for my preoccupations on this Wednesday morning. What are you preoccupied with lately?

what she wants

You may have noticed that Manu and I have changed the Look For The Woman tagline to “What She Wants”? As Manu so wisely pointed out, that is what we’re about. We really are trying to answer that question.

What does she want in her private life, her family, her work, and yes, in fashion? 

I think we’ve gotten a good dose of what she does not want recently: harassment, stereotyping, ageism, bullying, and general brutishness would all fall in the no more! category. I think the question of what women are longing for these days is an exciting one. 

So, if you agree, tell us what you want, what you really want.


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Three good books on fashion and some of the other stuff that we all probably need to be more mindful about. Stuffocation, by James Wallman.  Zero Waste Home, by Bea Johnson. Slave To Fashion, by Safia Minney.


“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.”

-Mahatma Gandhi





  • Haralee says:

    That is a sophisticated program targeting their subscribers to age groups with age appropriate pictures!
    I really want tights that fit well. Since I have big legs but I am short I have a battle with tights so they don’t puddle around my ankles or only come up to my bellybutton and then slip down from there! Oh and I want world peace of course!!

  • Kelley says:

    I want the fair pension which I have earned, but which has been targeted by politicians. I want my children to be able to afford their afford their education without being indebted at the beginning of their work lives. I want accessible health care that does not excluding meds only women use or procedures only women need. I want control over my reproductive organs. I want to be taken seriously. I want a safety net, not a woman tax.

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