what does a woman want?


What Does A Woman Want

As I said in Thursday’s post, for the next week, Walker Thornton and I are going to have a discussion, here, on my zine. We’re talking all things Donna Karan, Harvey Weinstein, and what women are asking for.

Please join us as we ask questions of each other, and ask your own questions, disagree, discuss.

My first question to Walker:

Why do we, as human beings, men and women, need to express our sexuality outwardly, with clothes, grooming, makeup, etc.?”

“I don’t think we do. Yet that’s what our culture would have us believe.

We’ve become a visual world and much of what we see—ads, magazines, movies, tells us that sexy is something we show, ignoring the more nuanced idea of feeling sexy.

Designers keep pushing that boundary farther and farther and now we equate cleavage, tight pants, and see-through clothing to true sexual expression.

To a lesser degree, it’s the same for men. But men have it easier. They can go gray and be distinguished; they’re not told their aging faces need fixing. They don’t need lush long lashes to appear attractive.

I view sexy as a feeling, an attitude—a way of looking and being in our own bodies. Granted it’s more subtle, but it’s also more authentic. The problem is that my approach isn’t going to generate a profit.

What worries me is that the pressure on women to appear sexual gets confused with being sexual.

I like to wear clothes that are flattering and occasionally I like to show a little cleavage. And that’s often about ‘me’ and how I feel about myself. But I also know that I can convey sexuality, when desired, in ways that have little to do with clothing. And, in all honesty there are times when I think about who I am dressing for.

Therein lies the dilemma—what’s natural desire and what’s decades of conditioning?”


See you Monday!


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