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I don’t know much about Michelle aka: Mowhawkblock, but she’s my new favorite on Instagram. Check her out, she’s edgy, elegant, and grey.

Picture of the week

I love taking pictures, and about once a week I get a good one. I know it’s good because people on Instagram tell me so. This is this week’s picture.


About me


I was lucky enough to be chosen as a “Favorite Style Blogger” by AARP and #disruptaging. I am in some great company and very happy about it.



This year, like no other year before, I am finally sick of all my black clothes. They’re actually bumming me out!


I have become a “swimsuit” whisperer. More to come about this for sure. The dreaded swimsuit purchase is coming, and maybe I can help.

stylist, non stylist

Sometimes I think I need to be a stylist, because I see so many women who are unhappy with the way they dress. They’re ready to admit it, but they don’t know what to do. They’re wearing frumpy clothes and fast fashion and they’re unhappy about it. I think however, I would call myself a “non stylist.” 

About you

What’s bugging you? Do tell.




  • Juli says:

    What’s bugging me? Two things:
    1)Now that we know how bad microfibers are for our oceans, where can I find yoga pants that still have some snap to them but that won’t contribute to the eco-problem?

    2)Where can I find organically sourced, “green” cotton tee shirts (preferably vee or scoop neck, cut for women) that won’t self-destruct after one year of wear?

    • Anita Irlen says:

      Hi Juli,

      I’m sending you some links to some resources that might help with both of your “bugs.” The first is to a very good organization called Project Just. They research, thoroughly, companies to see just how slow, ethical, and “green” they are. Then they list them on their
      “shop.”https://projectjust.com/shopsmarter/ This organization is worth checking out, cruise around their website, it’s very informative. They’re are the real deal.

      The second link is to a new company in LA. Just check it out, it’s a pretty cool concept. https://crsp.la/blog You might be able to get the tee shirts in the sportswear section too. Please do tell me how it goes. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the excellent questions and thanks for being concerned about the damn microfibers!

      Anita xx

  • Melanie says:

    Bugging me: At this very moment, nothing. I surprise even myself. Ask again in the morning, and I’ll have a long list.

    It’s funny that you’re gravitating away from black. I am gravitating toward it, well, toward more monochrome. I hope it’s a short-lived phase.

    It was so great to hang out with you in AARP! What a trip.

    • Anita Irlen says:


      Me too, up and down, especially given recent events… I love monochrome done right. I don’t know if I can pull color off, that’s the problem. I have such a fear of color and pattern, it must be psychological. I hope your black phase is short-lived too. You do color so well. Yes, AARP, a real trip, such good company. xx

  • Esther Zimmer says:

    I love aesthetics like Michelle’s – but when I try to emulate a similar look – it just looks bland on me. I am a much more vibrant (crazy?) dresser, for sure, and have started to embrace that more and more.

    Love that pic, those guys are the epitome of cool.

    Congratulations on being named a favourite style blogger by AARP – well deserved!

    I’m intrigued to know what you are being drawn to if black is no longer holding your attention and I think you’d make a wonderful non-stylist! I’m still trying to work out what to do with all my styling skills as I don’t want to not use them at all, but what I was doing before did not feel right for me. Still, I’m not going to force it, the right idea will come!

    What’s bugging me? How little people are willing to believe in themselves and hold on desperately to their same old, sad stories and try to bring you back down with them. No thanks, this woman is on the rise!

  • Laurie says:

    Bugging me? After a really great weekend my nine year-old turns on me and has a major melt down at bedtime.

    Got my haircut today and hoping I don’t regret the (lack of) length tomorrow. Will continue to wear mostly black. 🙂

    • Anita Irlen says:


      Have to admit, no children here, so to me, a nine year-old having a melt down is funny. I hope this means you’ll never read my blog again 🙁 Now haircuts are something I know about! I have short hair and I have to get it cut frequently. I move from stylist to stylist like a woman looking for love or something. The thing is, most of my haircuts are probably fine, and I’m just overly critical. The cost is what kills me, just kills me. Thanks for the comment!

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