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Picture of the week


Sally Yates was my Instagram picture of the week! Once again, proof that my followers are the best. I watched Yates’s entire testimony before the Senate because I knew it was going to be good, but I couldn’t imagine just how good. She was articulate, dignified, and true. Is it possible that women are fundamentally more ethical than men?

Women seem to be able to address an issue with the head, heart, and gut. We now know that when someone says “I have a visceral reaction to…”, there actually is something happening in their gut. While in serious situations I want people to lead with the head, I don’t want them to leave the heart and gut behind.

Fashion find


I’m still into the basket trend and so is everybody else. There are more and more nice ones out there as the season progresses. I found this one at Need Supply Co, based in Richmond Virginia. I like how they curate. 

“We believe that a well designed product can have a very real and tangible effect on our everyday lives.”


Speaking of curation, we used to think of curators belonging in museums, libraries, and galleries. They were highly educated, slightly stuffy, privileged persons who decided what was worth seeing and being exposed to. Curation is control.

With the creation of social media, we can all be curators, live, and out in the open. We can curate on Instagram, Pinterest, and on our blogs. To curate, is to carefully select. Tossing things together is not curation. Tossing things together is a garage sale, equally as legitimate as a curated experience, but not one based on any rhyme, reason, or taste.

Curation is powerful, and, I dare say, empowering. I’m a curator, and I’ve always known it. I love to select, I love to loving select. The loving part, that’s what makes a curator. In order to be a curator, you have to be able to pay attention to a lot of things that are coming at you very fast. I do hope you enjoy my curation.

Mother’s day

Honestly, I was going to post this weekender without mentioning Mother’s Day. Then I realized that I just can’t considering this is a blog for women, probably most of whom are mothers. My own mother died relatively young, and in general, we did not have a very good relationship. Also, by choice, I’m not a mother. 

The day leaves me a bit sad, a bit forlorn, like I’ve been invited to a party but I have no idea why. I admit, that like a lot of women who aren’t mothers, I have a lot of opinions about motherhood. Today though, I’ll spare you and wish all of you who are mother’s, a happy Mother’s Day!

Not so random quote

“Action in deed is the sole medium of expression for ethics.”

Jane Addams

What’s going on with you?



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