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pinkIs it the pink hair, the Pellegrino bottle, the wine in her hand, or just the overall wonderful feeling that soon we’ll be dining alfresco?

Trending and I guess I’m not over it

I’m not over baskets, and this week I found what looks like a lovely basket for $72.00 That’s much better than the one from Anthropologie for $318.00, and it’s actually more my style. Look at me, I’m shopping around, not just shopping. This basket comes from the General Store, a store located in Venice Beach, California. The General Store’s clothing, jewelry, and home goods are what I’d call “California Sophisticated.” 

Venice Beach just happens to be the place that one of my favorite fashion and style bloggers, Garance Doré, moved to. Ms. Doré recently changed the name of her eponymous blog to Atelier Doré. The format is much the same, the quality remains high, the attitude, predictably, is a bit sunnier. I find it very hard to accept Garance’s move, and I predict she’ll be back on the East Coast in 3-5 years. In the meantime, Garance and I have the same basket.

See give receive

Let me tell you about O-cercle. Ocercle is a kind of cooperative for small designers/makers. The way it works is, you get to see the vision, the moodboard in a sense, for a designer’s upcoming collection, then you give a “donation” to the designer to create the vision. In return for your support, you receive credit for up to double the price of your donation to purchase the designer’s pieces. If you want to support small makers, this is an excellent way to actually do it. What you get are unique, high quality things, from people you’ve gotten to know through the process, and also a very good deal. 

One of my additions to Shop Slow Fashion, is Eleven Six; they are part of O-cercle at this time.

Fashion find

Perhaps it’s past tights wearing season for most of us, perhaps not. Nevertheless, I just received some tights from Heist. They are not giving me a thing, but I can truly say that I will never buy any other tights. Tights have always been a love hate thing for me. Since I wear skirts and dresses even in the winter time, I need to wear tights. Forget what I guess are still called panty hose. None of the tights I have owned in the past have been what I always dreamed they could be: comfortable, attractive, long wearing, and most importantly, “non slip.” At the age of 60, it seems very déclassé to go around tugging on your tights because they are slipping down.

The first time I wore them, my beautiful “fig” colored Heist tights stayed up from the moment I put them on—through a long day—to the moment I took them off. The tights come in several denier, a denier is a unit of mass density of fibers, the higher the denier, the more opaque the tights, low density then determines sheerness. Maybe the most brilliant thing about the Heist tights is the waistband. We’ve all experienced the horrendous sensation of a constricting waistband seeming to be cutting us in half at the waist. These tights give you a choice of a low or high waistband that hugs, not cuts. Now that I’ve told you everything else about the tights, I’ll add that the company’s esthetic is just wonderful. 

Random quote

“I don’t like answering to other people’s philosophies. I don’t have any philosophy, I just believe in stuff. Either I believe in something or I don’t. Like, I believe in the Rolling Stones but not in the Dave Clark Five. There’s nothing philosophic about it. Whenever I’m linked with a movement, it pisses me off.”

—Patti Smith

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You see, I have barely been able to squeak out two posts this week. Rather than feel guilty again, I’d rather celebrate the good things I’ve been doing lately. More to come.

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  • “Look at me, I’m shopping around, not just shopping” – great line! And lovely basket. I had no idea that Garance had moved (listen to me, acting like I know her), is she married yet? Her wedding is going to be stunning! xx

    • Anita Irlen says:


      Yes, she moved. I know a lot of people love California and Venice Beach especially, but I just really hated it. Ah well. Her wedding, I know, wonder when it might be? (I’m on a first name basis with her too 😉

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