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Calling all women sizes 10-28, who want a really stylish winter coat…

The Standard


When I looked at my mail this morning, Universal Standard was there telling me that this coat, the Beas coat, was now available. A month ago I tried the coat on at the Standard showroom; it’s soft, cocoonish, and brilliantly designed. 

You can wear it to work, take it to a movie, and kick around in it on Saturday. 

It’s a bit difficult to see from the picture, but the coat has a nice “nubby” texture, almost like astrakhan or bouclé, that adds to the coziness. The fabric is 80% wool and 20% polyamide, and that’s going to make the coat warm and long wearing. 


I have a penchant for Universal Standard, and that might seem odd to some people. Universal Standard is clothing for women from sizes 10-28, and honestly, the only part of me that is a ten, is my hips. The rest of me is more like a size 6 or an 8 and in Universal Standard size I’m called a xs, extra small.

Just the facts, to help you get the US sizing.


Do you like what they did there, Universal Standard, US?

The US blouse above, is one of my favorite summer purchases. The first day I wore it, I got more compliments than I thought possible. The neckline is flattering, the fabric is wonderful, and it has a miles long sash that can be tied in several ways.

So why do I shop at Universal Standard even though I don’t “need” to?

I like that they’re making well styled, quality clothing for larger women, a demographic that until very recently has been all but ignored.

I like that they have a showroom In New York where I can go to try things on before ordering them online. And quite simply, I just really like their garments.



Yesterday, right after I published a post about DACA and grabbing your pink pussy hat, I felt compelled to check Twitter to see what I was missing out on, you know, FOMO.

“Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.”

Sure enough, there was a live Tweet from a demonstration taking place at Trump tower. I did not grab my hat because it was too hot, and actually, I don’t have one. But I went down to the tower, now a “fortress,” with barricades, check points, and police presence, and I met up with the demonstration

Traffic on Fifth Avenue was blocked for a while, people sat down in the street, they were arrested, and then the rest of us wended our way down Central Park South, to the square opposite the Park Plaza, my favorite hotel.  

While standing in front of Louis Vuitton, and then later at the Park Plaza, all I could think of was how surreal life in New York City could be. One minute you’re writing about fluff and nonsense, the next you’re screaming about fascism. Perhaps it’s like this everywhere these days, but in New York the contrasts are always vivid and sometimes stark. 


“Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.”

Sophia Loren




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