wednesday, houndstooth and herringbone

Houndstooth and Herringbone


I love the terms houndstooth and herringbone, they’re such homey names. I can imagine some Irish tailor of old: “we’ll call that one herringbone, had herring for breakfast, and that one there looks just like my dog’s teeth!”

And once you get those animal references, you won’t mix herringbone and houndstooth up.

Yesterday, I said that it was a good thing that plaid, herringbone, and houndstooth were trending, again. They’re classic, and they always come back. And even though I’m equally into new and innovative fashion, I also appreciate the old stuff. 

If you’re interested in slower fashion consumption and your new to vintage, this would be the time to try your hand at both. 

During the Fall…

the vintage shops will all be bringing out their tweedy things, the ones that look like they’ve been worn by a pipe smoking, bookstore owner.

Trying to snag a good, tweedy herringbone or houndstooth blazer from a thrift shop, is a game to play on a rainy Saturday afternoon. When you succeed, it’s the best.  

Preferably your prize will not be too scratchy, although sometimes they’re the best.  

A lot of the really good stuff is all wool, but I’ve seen yummy blazers in linen, raw silk, cashmere, and great blends. If you can get one that fits you, that’s a real prize, but if not, herringbone and houndstooth look nice oversized and belted.


Then, you go and pretend you’re hacking around with your English country gentleman. That’s what I do when I’m wearing my herringbone, my favorite tweedy thing.

That’s the fantasy in fashion, that’s the fun. 

For a look at some really wonderful plaid and houndstooth, go here to Honestly WTF. You won’t regret it.

The Cummerbund 


That pink kimono style cummerbund at her waist is really just an Oxford shirt. 


And well…




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