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I love seeing things like this, it’s proof that recycling is becoming a thing in mainstream retail. This sign was in front of a Lululemon store.

I’m assuming they donate the mats to non-profit organizations, or perhaps give them to people who actually recycle them to make new mats. I didn’t ask this time, but I’ll find out.

Given how widespread the popularity of yoga is these days, the thought of all those old mats going into landfills—that’s scary!

Scandinavian Style

These little crossbody bags are from COS, the “Collection of Style” stores. COS is part of the huge, and I do mean huge, Swedish, H&M comglomerate. There are some 200 COS stores in 30 countries!

But unlike the usual H&M fast fashion offerings, COS clothes are infinitely more sophisticated. 

This is not your granddaughter’s thing.

COS garments are minimalist, classic in style, and generally pretty well made. There collections usually come in interesting and unusual colors.

The clothes are easy to wear and reasonably priced. And did I say, they’re Swedish? There’s a question I’ve had about H&M, and I wonder if others have the same question.

What comes to your mind when you think of Sweden?

I’ll tell you what comes to mine. A progressive nation, of forward thinking, environmentally conscious, healthy people. An entire country of minimalists, who believe in quality over quantity. Generally speaking, I know this to be true, I’ve been there.

See though, how this doesn’t square with the whole H&M, COS, Arkets fast fashion horror show? 

Perhaps I’m simply naive to think that a country’s businesses have to be ideal reflections of that country’s values? Where is business done like that, after all? Business is business, but the Swedish example is a highly perplexing one.

You have to wonder how the Swedes would feel if they had to landfill with all of the used, fast fashion churned out by H&M? 

Piss Off

I love that very British saying, “piss off.” I think I’ve actually heard Helen Mirren, The Dame, say it! Icon Undies latest advertising campaign proudly proclaims, “Piss Off!” Icon underwear, if you don’t know about it, is made for those of us who sneeze, cough, laugh and end up peeing our pants as we do.

Who? Not me! 😉   

But that’s just one demographic that can take advantage of Icon. As we know, there are times and conditions when women need extra protection. And I don’t know about you, but pads make me feel like an infant. I might someday end up in diapers, but I don’t need them now.

If you don’t know about Icon Undies and you want to understand how they work, read here. You will hear more about this company from me, making cool undies is not the only cool thing they do.


“Feminism changes pop culture, and pop culture changes the world.”

-B*tch Media



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