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If you can’t afford Cartier, Gucci, or Celine, where do you go for accessories?


Where to get those fantastic things that are going to make even your jeans and sweatshirt look haute? Yesterday’s post was all about accessorizing, but I realize some of us might not know exactly where to buy nice scarves, jewelry, belts, etc — especially not the run of the mill. I have some ideas. 

Art Fairs. Art fairs can be great sources for affordable, handmade accessories made by real artisans. This is often slow fashion at its best, made by people in your locale. Understand, however, that I’m talking about art fairs, not ticky-tacky “craft” fairs. Stay away from the fairs that you can smell from a mile away because of the heavily scented potpourri!


If you want to see an example of the kind of high-quality things you can see at good fairs, take a look at Arza Design on my shop page. 


Another great place to shop for unique accessories is museum stores. Even most small-town museums have nice shops with unusual jewelry and other accessories. The buyers for these shops seem to be chosen explicitly for their good taste. If you’re ever in the Big Apple, the Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle, is wonderful.

Last, but not least, quality online shopping sites such as Farfetch can be a great place to shop for accessories. Accessories, unlike clothing, often show better online, where you can see what they really do look like and browse at your own pace. Also, with accessories you don’t have to worry about sizes—and if you do want to buy that dress, those shoes, and those earrings in the same place, they’re all there, usually with no-hassle return policies.

Is it just me, or does it seem like boots, ponchos, scarves, and jewelry are really huge this year? Check out the infographic about accessories the people at Farfetch sent me. Farfetch is about un-following, so #unfollow and get something unusual to wear with your jeans and sweatshirt: get something that’s you!

The AW15 Accessories Guide




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