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Women Working


Cental Park, by Conservatory Pond. Conservatory Pond is the pond you can sail little motorized sails boats on. It’s a really peaceful place to go sit if you want to be in the park but still around people, especially children. We go there most Sundays just to drink coffee, sit and be lazy.

This women working was just learning how to make these giant bubbles. She had taken some lessons and the spot from the young man who was usually there. And although she didn’t quite have the techique down, she was very happy learning.

The young man, her mentor, is a master bubble maker. He strings out long lines of them, and they go bouncing and gliding across the pond like so many sprites.    

Color Controversy


More pinks, reds, and oranges, and also more Lauren Hutton looking her age. Check out yesterday’s page as well. After publishing, I remembered the picture I had seen recently of her in Bottega Veneta. I loved these colors and their mix. A lot of people did not, they said the colors “clashed.” Well to that I say, pfft. 

It’s always, without a doubt, how you do it. 

This mix is done so superbly, it reminds me of a really vivid sunset. It’s one of those sunsets where you say to yourself  “if I took a picture of that, no one would believe it was real.” It’s all been done before, by nature if not man. 

Constance Shulman 


Constance Shulman is stalking me. Who is Constance Shulman? Constance Shulman is “Yoga Jones,” from Orange is the New Black. And no, she’s not stalking me, and I am not stalking her!

She appears, however, to live in “my” neighborhood, and I’ve been seeing her a lot lately. Every time I see her, I text my husband to let him know, and it’s become a joke between us that she’s stalking me…

Even though New Yorkers are generally calm, to cold, around the numerous celebrities they see on their daily rounds, there’s still a way that celebrities, of any genre, walk in New York City. 

It’s all about no eye contact, looking busy, and walking fast. 

You might think that all New Yorkers walk that way, and I suppose that generally they do, but celebs have kicked it up a notch. Often, when people talk about the famous constantly being in the eye of the public, hounded by paparazzi, and just bothered by the masses in general, there’s an “oh, poor things” attitude. 

Wouldn’t it be terribly tiring though, to be known and recognizable to millions.

Sometimes I imagine Constance, aka Yoga Jones, looks a bit sad having to constantly guard the space around her. On the whole though, maybe New York is perfect for celebrities, because New Yorkers do tend to walk either with our heads down, gaze to the sidewalk, or heads up somewhere in the clouds.

Someday soon I’ll tell you about the barber who cuts my hair, my husband’s hair, and Bruce Willis’s as well! 




  • Melanie says:

    These colours are fabulous! They are analogous, which means they are neighbours – how could they possibly clash?
    I love celebrity-spotting. We get a few in Vancouver, not as many as in New York. I like Constance Shulman.
    And I like huuuuge bubbles.

    • Anita Irlen says:


      I agree with you. Isn’t it interesting how we are all attracted to different colors? So strange, why? Come to New York, we’ll go both bubble and celebrity spotting.

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