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Is ageism the last acceptable prejudice?

I would really like to know what you think. Just the idea that any prejudice might be “acceptable,” is interesting. At first glance that seems like an unacceptable statement, and yet at one time, wasn’t prejudice against gay people, jewish people, or trans people acceptable amongst some, other, group of people? 

Besides the fact that no matter what tribe we belong to, we all age, how is aging a different kind of prejudice? 

Behind The Label

Eileen Fisher

eileenAlthough I have my “issues” with Eileen Fisher, I was immediately drawn to this alpaca coat. The green is unique, and the style is classic. One could own this coat forever. Women our age are usually either Fisher fans or not.

Either way, it’s not a bad idea to look at the website to learn a bit more about slow and ethical fashion. 

Below see the table of contents for the “Behind The Label” section on the Eileen Fisher site. This is what every designer’s table of contents should look like, like an annual report for the stakeholders of a business. 

Because you are a stakeholder, and you should know what your spending your money on. 


slaveI’m always reading a book about fashion. Either it’s a fun, “fluffy” one, or something more serious like this one, Slave to Fashion, by Safia Minney. I’m sure I’m going to be quoting from this book a lot. It’s a detailed, but not overwhelmingly technical view of human rights and slavery in the fashion industry. 

It’s a good starting place if you want to learn more about ethical fashion in general. 




  • I like that Eileen Fisher is committed to sustainability and human rights, among other things. They’re pretty transparent I think.

    • Anita Irlen says:


      Eileen Fisher is pretty transparent in what she shows to the world. Not, I think in the way she directly runs her own staff and company. I’ve heard there’s an ethos in the company that doesn’t match what most of us would think of as good HR and transparency. Those kinds of questions fascinate and concern me. Thanks for your comments!

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