to pull something off, Florence

White shirt, jeans, some gold jewelry, nice bag, good hair, and a smile…


What does it mean to “pull it off?” What does it take for someone to pull something off? Whatever it means, and harder still, however one accomplishes it, Florence here is pulling it off. She looks just plain good, but not plain. I think it’s attitude plus taste. But how to define either of those? This is something that I know I’ll write about over and over again. But for now, what do you think it takes for someone to “pull something off?”


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  • Anne says:

    Wow she really is a great example of pulling it off … maybe due to a kind of simplicity that does not pretend to be “effortless” (because style is never effortless), but still comes off as … simple? Like, she’s thought about it but she’s not over-thinking it.

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