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Not Frou Frou


Brown and camel is a classic color combination, especially for Fall. This dress from Marie Hell is a perfect example of the mellowness of the two colors. There’s nothing jarring and showy about it. Brown and camel can look good on blonds, brunettes, and grey haired ladies like me.

This Marie Hell dress is a bit less casual than some others, but there’s no reason this one couldn’t be worn on a casual evening date, after a business meeting.  


Marie Hell dresses are foundations for your style and personality, that’s the way I think of them. You put one on and then it’s time to get creative. But you don’t have to be a stylist, because the dresses aren’t “frou frou,” the choices you make with shoes, bags, and other accessories can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

But know that there’s a “sweet spot” between a plain and boring appearance and an overly contrived one. I think if there is such a thing as a “fashion mistake,” it’s finding yourself at one of those two extremes.

Ironically, trying to disappear by being overly plain, can result in making you stand out, not to mention depress you. And thinking that you’re going to receive attention, and compliments, by being heavy-handed with the accessories, can cause you to disappear by becoming one with the barrage of stimuli that is generally our environment.  

Marie Hell dresses are a great way to build yourself a capsule wardrobe with which you can experiment, to find a  comfortable, personal style. They work. 

frou frou: “frills or other ornamentation, particularly of women’s clothes”




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