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“We all know that this is the end of the comedy. For Everybody. In one hundred years from now, everybody’s going to be bald. This is it. And you know that you have to use every speck of your life to do the things that you want to do. There is only space for the truth. There are no more games. The games kind of disappear, and you just concentrate on things that are really important.”

—Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas had a heart attack for all of us, and we should be grateful. People who come back from heart attacks, cancer, an accident, or any kind of “near death experience” always have something juicy and incisive to say.

Banderas took it to another place, a truth filled, poetic place.

I admire his eloquence, and I love the way he phrases things. You can tell that English was not his first language, yet he expresses himself so well. And how good is this: “We all know that this is the end of the comedy.” 


Fashion Institute of Technology


“Known worldwide through knowledge unique to the House passed down from generation to generation, the Stockman mannequins are used by the biggest names of high fashion and the fashion industry. Hand-crafted in the shop located next to Paris, the Stockman busts have the elegance and refinement of knowledge do the French.”


If you’ve ever been around dress forms, or “dummies,” as they have been often called, you’ve seen Stockman imprinted at the neck. Because, like a lot of designers, seamstresses, and fashion type people, I have a thing for dummies, I had to find out more about this mysterious “Stockman.”

It turns out that Stockman is actually Siegel & Stockman, a company located in various arrondissement in Paris, since 1867. 

The poor translation above is from the Stockman website. I like though, that just like from Banderas’s quote you can tell that his first language was Spanish, this poor translation is all French in expression and tone. 

Rachel Peru

I don’t know that much about Rachel Peru. What I do know is that she’s a Podcast host, a model, and a tribute to what Leslie called “older woman sexuality.” Well, if not actually sexuality in this case, then sexiness for sure. And because women are often concerned with “appropriateness” or acceptability, this outfit exemplifies that as well. It’s a reminder that it can all be done!

You can follow Rachel on Instagram, and even see her modeling lingere, it’s wicked and wonderful.



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