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I’ve been fantasizing. I’ve been fantasizing about where I could wear this very “not me” dress. Cinque Terre, maybe. Greece, possibly. Paris, probably not. A balcony in Verona.

God, how I need fantasy lately!

I go to bed at night, grateful for what I have but also dreading what’s to come tomorrow. I know my life is a cake walk compared to what most women, and men, in this world are going through.

But I can’t help feeling that I deserve more, a feeling I loathe for its smell of entitlement.

This dress is from the Brock Collection. Click here, right now, to see a jazzy little video and some gorgeous dresses.

Hey Girls


Sally Kohn

The above is from this morning’s inbox. It’s about the words Alexander Skarsgård chose to use at the Golden Globes Sunday. 


Universal Standard has just added activewear to their collection, and there are a hundred reasons to celebrate. Like everything Universal Standard does, the pieces are minimalistic in nature but big in impact. They look like what you want to wear to move in!

Among the many wrong ideas about larger people is that they don’t work out, that somehow, by definition, they just don’t.

That means more stigma and prejudice that results in the phenomenon I’ve written about before: the plus size rack is at the back of the store, by the bathrooms, with the dust bunnies. And no, “we don’t have plus size activewear.” Universal Standard just changed that. Bravo!


I had the pleasure last night of being at the The Eight Senses, a new store in Soho that you will no doubt be hearing more about soon.

There were beautiful clothes, there was Proseco, and the topic of discussion was fashion and the sense of sight! I was pleased by, and will often be quoting, these ideas form Lyn Slater, the Accidental Icon.


“Fashion does not need to control you.”

“You can say more with what you are wearing than with a speech.”

“Fashion is viewed as having oppressive power, but it can have productive power.”

-Lyn Slater




  • Leslie says:

    The dress: yes. with oxfords — that have tiny pearls around the low heel. Not glued on — but studded in — with a tiny hammer. The mixture of the super feminine lines and neckline — with a tiny little bit of menswear. What they are wearing, north of cinque terra right now. Verona — forget it. That place has nothing exciting — only a lovely Roman-built arena and crowds visiting imaginary tombs and imaginary balconies for imaginary literary characters. But Cinque Terra — this would be good. Nibbling on Apertivo snacks, sipping on Lo Spritz or perhaps a bit of caffe’ con sambuca or the best: limoncello and moonlight.

  • Mari says:

    For me, the floral-on-dark-background long jacket and matching pants with the lovely flat strappy sandals for a stroll through the streets of Edinburgh Old Town in the springtime, soaking up all those accents LOL!

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