the purge, the revolution continues

The Purge

That was me yesterday, standing in front of my ever more meagre wardrobe. I was purging during the revolution, purging during Fashion Revolution Week. I was taking a serious look at the shambles I’m responsible for: skirts that never were quite the right length, shoes bought for a special occasion, that will never be worn again, pants I meant to have shortened, but never did.

I don’t mind saying, today I feel “cleaned out.”

Every year I get more and more brutal with my purge. The space in my closet and dresser drawers opens up, and my husbands clothes are taking over, because he will never throw anything out. This year I was especially vicious.

I never was a collector of clothes, shoes maybe but clothes never. It’s been a matter of lifestyle, money, and “pickiness,” always “pickiness.”

While other little girls might not have wanted to wear something because it was pink rather than purple, I refused to wear what I thought was, “beneath me.”  

Today I’m more like that than ever. With an ever decreasing amount of time left, I’m allowing the closet to “thin out.” Try it, you’ll like it.

The Audacity of Prada

The flames at the hemline of this Prada dress look like the flames on a truck you might see somewhere in the American Midwest. The truck with the decal of the two naked woman facing each other? Anyway, if you’ve never taken a road trip through the midwest, you might not understand…

Prada is audacious, and that’s why I love it so. I would never, ever, wear this dress. There are aspects of it that I find absolutely ugly! I also don’t appreciate Jeff Koons and his silly dogs. Are Prada and Koons in the same league? Would you wear this dress?


“Customers have become accustomed to lightning speed delivery and change. There needs to be fresh, new styles in stores constantly, changing at the same speed as the minds of customers.”

“Data and customer power have created a fashion ecosystem that looks all too much like fast fashion. Immediacy and accessibility have taken the lead over artistic vision and originality.”

Katherine Fox

Read the whole article here. It’s an interesting take on what’s happening with the increasing push for “data” in the fashion business.



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