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the market
the skirt

rough trade

The blog is in desperate need of some infrastructure upgrades, so unlike the government, (do you love how I can turn everything into a political issue?) I’m going to work on that today. So I’m leaving you with just a couple of pictures and thoughts.

I took the picture above, at our local market yesterday. I love markets, they’re my “happy places.”

Whether it’s the Upper West Side, a dusty, little village in Mexico, or in a chic, little town in Provence, markets are banquet tables that present the local culture you.

The produce tells you about the land and the cuisine of the people. The attitude of the farmers informs you about the vitality of agriculture. The craftsmen speak to you about traditions and the business climate.

And the people let you know about the status of children and old people in the society.

All that without having to say a word. Oh, and the bread, and the flowers, and the coffee! Ah. 

Rough Trade” is a very well-known record store in Brooklyn. It’s also the term for a predisposition to a certain sexual activity, which I will leave you to google for yourself.

For me though, I like to think it’s about doing the hard work, like taking care of infrastructure, not glamorous, but much appreciated when done.

The skirt is the skirt I showed you in Friday’s post, I’m unveiling it slowly. 


“A woman is whole only when she takes into account her shadow.”

—Djuna Barnes



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