the hairy armpit

To shave or not to shave? When it comes to women’s armpits, most of the world screams: YES!!!  But wait. Not so fast, I say! I actually really like hairy armpits. On both men and women.

Maybe it’s something about the wildness, the animal-like, the savage, even. Paradoxically, for me there is also something very vulnerable about a woman with a hairy armpit. Check out the ultimate wild child. No matter how you feel about Madonna (like armpits, she’s a polarizing force), I see both sexiness and vulnerability here, and I like the armpit. It’s like, hey, she is a real woman and that’s how SHE chooses to show it. To my eyes she loses no femininity here, she gains.

As a woman who really hates scraping and waxing and plucking all summer long, I’m tempted to unleash my inner savage on the world, especially when I see this inspiring shot of one of the greatest sex symbols of our time…

P.S. Someone please open a really nasty, low-down cool dive bar called “The Hairy Armpit” 🙂



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