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No Man’s Land

I have so much to say about this picture, I hope I can get it all out. Godless, is a new Netflix drama that’s going to air this Wednesday, the 22nd. “The Frontier is Female,” is one of the show’s slogans, and I love it because it seems ever so appropriate given the times we are living in.

Other than that, all I really know about Godless is that it’s a “Western,” about a town that’s populated solely by “badass” women, and two of the cast members are Michelle Dockery and Jeff Daniels.

You may want to watch it.

A couple of days ago, to promote the series, Netflix did a popup in Soho. The space was set up like a market, where craftswomen were selling and demonstrating their work.

There was a third generation hat maker from Colorado, Layce Cates Heaton, from Cates Custom Hats, whose hat I’m wearing in the picture.

I own a couple of nice hats but this one made mine feel a bit, well, forlorn.

Just the feel, the “texture” of the beaver was wonderful, and the silhouette was clean and elegant. You have to love small makers and crafts people who take the time to make beautiful, quality things that will last.

This women working is Miranda Hope, from Los Angeles, she was there making jewelry, pieces like these.

But the best part of the event for me, was meeting photographer and woman of Ann Street Studio, Jamie Beck. I’ve been following Jamie for about 8 years and I’ve talked about Jamie’s “out of time” photography before.

If you haven’t done it yet, please take a look, especially at her recent self portraits, they’re surreal.

Jamie was posted just inside the entrance, up front, with lights glowing, a wooden crate to stand on, (she’s petite) expertly wielding her camera. There was a sign-up for those visiting the popup who wanted to have their picture taken by Jamie. I did. 

My camera “shyness,” awkwardness, lack of modeling skills, self-criticism etc. are well-known to you. Well add that to the knowledge that I was going to be photographed by someone who I admire immensely, is a highly skilled photographer, and as graceful and beautiful as possibly can be, and you’ll understand how I felt.

It’s always a thrill to find out that those you admire are truly admirable.

That they are not just the skilled, interesting, and successful people they appear to be, but the kind and real people you wish they would be as well. I almost breathe a sigh of relief when that happens.

By the nature and feel of her work, the words she writes, and the look in her eye, I knew Jamie would be one of those. She was.   


An “ombré” shoe anyone? The latest drop from my favorite, M.Gemi. And they come in several wonderful colors and styles! Look at the sfumato suede.

I love it. What do you think?

Oh Paris

This was all over social media today, and it cracked me up.

 “11 years ago today, Me & Britney invented the selfie” – Paris Hilton, tweeting her version of a history lesson.




  • Melanie says:

    Fantastic photos of you! Jamie Beck’s work is powerful.
    I have to check out that show, although Canadian Netflix is severely limited in content. I’ll have to wait.

  • I love Jamie’s work and know you follow her too, so it makes me so happy to see these wonderful photos of you and to read that you met her! And it makes me equally happy to read she’s a lovely in ‘real life’ as she comes across via social media. I don’t use IG but admittedly, I will check out her feed occasionally, her life in France is so inspiring. Esther xx

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