the ear cuff



I love ear cuffs, but I don’t see women our age wear them, and I don’t quite understand that. They can be very simple, the best ones are. You can wear them with earrings, or alone. They look unique, and yes, a bit edgy. (I love this models golden eye and manicure as well.)

You need not look like an aging hippy wearing one.

This ear cuff is from a jewelry company I’m newly smitten by, Luiny. Luiny currently has four different collections: Smith, Formes, Sundown, and Flawed. I’ve chosen one piece of jewelry from each collection. 

“LUINY is a jewelry line created by self-taught designer Luiny Rivera, a Puerto Rican native now based in New York. The brand invokes an organic design process that is inspired by a variety of forms, ornaments, and textures that are connected to her travels and lifestyle.”


Luiny is made in New York, many of the pieces from recycled metals. 


I know some of us feel we can’t wear earrings this long, but I still had to show you these. How simple and elegant, all you need is a black anything as a background. Minimalism at its best.


And finally, the earrings that first caught my eye. Little circles of perfection. Go to Luiny to see more.

Women Working


I recently took part in a movie shoot in which my friend and fellow “unreasonable woman,” Sarah, was being interviewed.

This is her in the monitor. I wish I could have gotten a shot of her hands while she was sketching. These are the little things I wanted to capture when I first started doing my “women working” shots.

You expect an engineer to have manual dexterity and be able to draw, but between Sarah’s long, beautiful fingers and the way she was using her hands, it was mesmerizing.

Craftsmanship in general is something I always respect, and it’s not that male craftsmen don’t do beautiful work with their beautiful hands, but the way women use their hands in their work is special. 

I think it’s the tenderness mixed with the absolute expertise. There’s nothing flashy about it, in the moment, it just is.


“There is a thing, like a bird, weak and fluttering within my chest, i cradle it and care for it as anyone should an injured thing, yet, i silently pray for its death. “

Johnny Morphine

About Me

I’ve been working on writing about modest fashion. It’s happened before with other topics, once I start, I can’t stop, because one question leads to another, until I’m in a labyrinthine and desperate to find a way out.

The only conclusion that my research and questions have led to, again, is that women’s bodies have always been objectified and under siege. 

There isn’t a culture I know of that doesn’t in some way condone women generally being “owned.” It’s sad and maddening, but it also makes what the struggle is clear.



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  • Melanie says:

    I love the ear cuff.
    There are still a few remaining matriarchal societies in the world, but nothing close to home. This is a pity. I look forward to your writing on this topic.

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