the color against which the stars shine at night

black is
just one dress
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The Cut

What’s with the black? That’s the question I’ve heard over and over again in regard to the penchant New Yorkers have for dressing in black. Black is the color against which the stars shine at night! I love—no, adore—black clothes. Here’s why.

Black makes dressing easier.

I love to dress, but I don’t like impatiently sliding hangers back and forth in my closet, trying to hit upon the right combination of print-color-style etc. If you wear mostly black, then when you reach into your closet, what you are pulling out is a base; and that’s what I like.

Black serves as a background for other pieces of clothing and accessories, the “stars” of your style.

Black pants, black blouse, red cardigan and your done.

Little black dress, big chunky earrings, hat and it’s you’re done. Black is always elegant and any article of clothing looks good in black. From head to toe, from sweater to stockings, even simple inexpensive pieces can look good.  

Black also looks good on any complexion and with any hair color.

I’ve heard women say that they don’t look good in black, but I don’t believe it. Diana Vreeland said “red is the great clarifier – bright and revealing.” Alright, black may not be bright and revealing, but I do believe it’s the great clarifier.

Black’s inherent intensity, its deepness, allows any article of clothing to be very very simple.

And so it becomes versatile. Accessorized one way, you can wear a black dress to the office, then you can add some sparkle (stars again) and can go to a party after work. Although you can try that with red or blue, it doesn’t have nearly the authority. 

Black is the uniform of the city. Time, ease, simplicity, and versatility are all necessary considerations for city life. 

But probably the main reason I love black is, it’s tough. Anyone who owns a nice leather jacket, or good leather boots, knows that when you have to feel like you can conquer, if not the whole world, then the city, you turn to black.

Black is strong, it’s commanding, it must be paid attention to. Even in this city, where a lot of us wear it, it still says: I know who I am.

just one dress

Just one dress, always searching for just one dress? The one that’s comfortable, not sloppy. The one that’s versatile, not just lazy. The dress that looks like you, but still surprises. And for me, of course, that would be a dress that isn’t black for a change.

What do you think of this one? It’s from Black Crane via General Store, a very “California” store that I’m oddly drawn to. What I like about this dress is the silhouette, it looks comfortable but not sloppy. 

The Jacquard texture and the color, both, give the dress some versatility.

I don’t think anyone would think this dress was not “me,” and yet I do think it might surprise. Hey, I think I just came up with some simple, general criteria for wise garment purchases! I’m getting the dress. 

earring of the day

New York Magazine

Rachel Comey is an “it woman” designer, “it woman” in the sense that she’s cool, and she makes cool things for cool women, accent on the “woman.” 

Comey never fails to delight me with some of her work, even if generally something is not quite right for me about a lot of it. Make sense?

You know I’m crazy about earrings, and I don’t know if I would ever feel comfortable in these, but still, aren’t they grand? They’re punky, they’re edgy, and they’re sophisticated all in one package.

They look like they’re made of some car body parts, left at the scene of an accident, covered with oil, shining in the light of a lamppost, at night. To me anyway…


“I think it is up to this new generation of designers to slowly retrain consumers to see the value in a well made product that will last them infinitely longer.”

—Casey Perez, Jewelry Maker