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Wardrobe NYC

Capsule Wardrobe

If you could buy a high quality, capsule wardrobe that perfectly aligned with your style, for a very reasonable price, would you?

Sound like a complicated question?

It’s not, and I say yes! This, at Wardrobe NYC, is the capsule wardrobe that captures it for me. I recently found this brand, and I’m more excited about it than I have been about “meer” clothes in a long time. First, let’s parse this. What’s a capsule wardrobe? 

“A collection of clothes and accessories that includes only items considered essential.”

There’s one definition. I’m going to “bag” (no pun intended) the accessories part of it though. I have my own accessories, and I consider accessories to be really personal items.

And I think the looks in these Wardrobe NYC capsules might look good with several different types of accessories. Whatever you prefer, personalize the capsule.

I can see these garments with both “fine” jewelry, and also with what I’ve come to think of as “brutalist” jewelry.

Secondly, what’s a “brand?” I’ll start by saying what I think a brand isn’t. It isn’t big, impersonal, and doing its business as if it was GM back in it’s hey day. It’s small, creative, dedicated to an idea and aesthetic that’s organic in nature. Phew, should I parse that? No, make of it what you will.

It’s not that I’m under any illusion that small and personal always necessarily means good. 

But you do have a better chance of learning about how the small brand really does things when they are smaller. Hell, you might even get to meet the maker some day.

Me, I’m dedicated to these people who create like Wardrobe NYC does, no matter what you call them. Malls are dying, department stores are floundering and redefining themselves. In any case, I never liked to buy things as personal as I consider clothes, in either.

I don’t really care to establish a “relationship” with my dishwasher manufacturer, but the people who make my clothes, yes.

If you lean towards slow and ethical fashion, you’re not only more likely to find transparency with small makers, it’s easier and less time-consuming to find out what they’re all about to start with.

Most small makers will tell you right up front where their clothes are designed and made. Then just ask them how they source their materials and under what kind of conditions the clothes are made, and you’re well on your way to becoming a slow fashion maven.

Wardrobe NYC, clearly states: 

Designed in NYC.
Made in Italy.
No Retail Markup.

*Note that the absolutely divine model appears to have no jewelry on, divine. Goals, as they say.


If you’re wondering what I’m talking about when I say “brutalist jewelry, here’s an example. It’s big, rough, and “unfinished” looking.

Two Bag New Yorker…

If you don’t know, there’s a creature I call the “two bag New Yorker.” Here’s a post about Sarah Jessica Parker, for example. I like this silly little two bagger look. It’s practical, and oh so chic. 



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