Tamara, 1950


This is one of my mother’s old pictures. It’s her friend, Tamara, somewhere in Europe, probably Germany. It was taken in 1950. I’m posting it because I like old photographs, especially ones that show the fashions of another era, such as those taken during the war and interwar period.

Sometimes the fashion in such photographs is oddly unfamiliar; but here Tamar’s entire outfit feels very familiar. It looks like she could be sitting in a boat, on some lake somewhere, today. Her shoes are loafers, her jeans are nice and semi-baggy, what we would call “boyfriend jeans.” Her top is simple and could be worn in any era, and that necklace looks like a “statement” necklace for sure. I think it’s her hairdo that seems to date the photograph most: it appears too done for today.

And then there are the quirky little details. The ones that call for more than a quick glance. Like the squashed can at the bottom of the boat. Bait? The lilly-pads and ripples on the lake. And the way the edges of the photograph have been scalloped…



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