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holiday stress

Holiday stress is not what she wants. Here’s a suggestion. Relaxation 101 It’s inevitable, stress is inevitable, especially during the holidays. Why is that? I’m part of a very small, mostly Jewish, family. Generally speaking we do not “celebrate” in any big, formal way. I do not have tons of social, religious, or personal obligations […]


women working, take your seat

The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic takes place in early summer. Although New Yorkers would like to think of it as a quintessentially New York event, it takes place in Liberty Park, New Jersey. It’s about champagne, polo, charity, celebrities, and as one might expect given all that, fashion.  Even if you don’t like champagne and couldn’t […]


a precious 5 yoga poses

I’ve called this post, a precious 5 yoga poses for a few reasons. These poses are fundamental, “easy,” and they can be done in any order you want. They are all about alignment, stretch, and posture. With these 5 poses you can calmly enter into a more complex yoga practice, or stay with and learn a […]

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I have regrets

I love doing what I’m currently doing: I love blogging! Years ago when I was teaching yoga, if someone had told me I would one day become a blogger, I would never have believed it. Before that, of course, blogging didn’t even exist—but still, I wish I would have discovered it sooner! At the time, I loved […]

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