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models, markets, mushrooms, and more

Latvia is about models, markets, mushrooms, and more. It’s the kind of place that is often called a country with a “complex and troubled history.” It’s the kind of history that maybe even most historians don’t want to delve into. It’s the kind of history that most people simply want to ignore, because it’s too […]


vacation or travel?

I just got back from what I would call a vacation, a mini-vacation on Cape Cod. It was a vacation because I had to do very little. (Honestly, next to nothing.) That, is a vacation. It’s the lounge on the beach, go eat a lobster roll for lunch, come back and lounge on the beach […]



Let me introduce you to Inese Liepins. Inese is the younger sister of one of my oldest friends.  Inese is an artist, who works in many different media. Here she is blowing glass, in Lithuania. She also knits gorgeous sweaters, dresses, and scarves. Look at inesedesign.com. She lives in Riga, Latvia, where she moved from San Francisco, after a […]