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better cotton, better clothes

“Recycling vintage denim, sourcing sustainable cotton, and improving wash processes from start to finish, are just some of the ways that Gap is working to make denim that looks good and feels good, inside and out.” The Good News Right next door to the Gap store on Fifth Avenue, is a small pop-up shop also […]


male female, complimentary

Complimentary Men and women are not supposed to compliment each other, ever. That’s what I’ve been noticing anway. Compliments like: “that suit looks good on you,” “nice earrings,” or a generic, “you look good today,” are considered inappropriate. To be sure, when I’m walking down the street, and some random man leers at me and does the […]


tuesday’s drop

RIP Maryam Mirzakhani Some people are affected by the death of each and every, for lack of a better word, “celebrity.” Most of the time I’m not. Well, I was very sad when Lou Reed, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Robin Williams died. Those were my guys. I shed a tear and reluctantly said goodbye. I didnt’ cry […]