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accept yourself, respect yourself

  Dr. Margaret Rutherford remarks on Walker Thornton’s thoughts.  “I love hearing Walker’s point about feeling more sexy at 63 than ever before. From a psychological perspective, I would bet that increased sexuality is connected with our self-acceptance increasing in general with age. Whatever shame we’ve carried around for years, or if we’ve had the […]


anatomy is destiny

My conversation with Walker Thornton starts here. Walker “Maybe as we get older one of the wonderful things we gain is the confidence to follow our own desires and thinking around what feels right for our bodies. And to defy convention?” Anita Perhaps because I’m a bit of a fatalist to begin with, I tend […]


cleave to me, in a luscious way

  This is an ongoing discussion between Walker Thornton and I, it was inspired by the Harvey Weinstein controversy and Donna Karan’s reaction to the allegations against him. The thread starts here.     Walker You say, Why can’t women have both, why can’t we be both physically sexy and happily sexual, and comfortable with […]