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patriarchy, hierarchy, mansplaining oh my!

mansplaining more cowboy boots quoting “mansplaining” yo! I’m sure you’ve heard it before, perhaps from someone in your own family. “The old white men don’t get it, they’ve had their time, and they need to go.” Most often this sentiment is voiced in regard to the government, where indeed, the “old white men” do continue […]


making connections

It’s been a good year. I’ve been working hard: writing, styling clothes, taking pictures, watching women watch themselves, trying to understand what women do want.  I started to blog when it seemed like diversity was finally hitting the runway, and it wasn’t hard to find women who were tired of the same stale stereotypes about older women. […]


channeling Birkin at Style Nudge

The other day, in this post, I talked about stepping out of your style comfort zone and temporarily becoming someone else. After having written the post, I remembered seeing a great example of this kind of “channeling.” Cherie, at the blog Style Nudge does it on a regular basis, and most recently she came up with […]