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women working, blue hair and tea

This beautiful young woman was working at T2 Tea in Soho. That cool shade of blue hair against her lovely complexion looked vivid and deep. I’m a coffee drinker and had never been in this store. In places like this, I always remind myself of the possible beneficial effects tea drinking could have on my usually hyper self. I like the ritual of tea that […]

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from Houston to Canal, destination, Reformation

If you walk from Houston, down Lafayette to Canal Street in Soho, you’ll pass by some six great coffee places, each more sleek and sexy than the next. Stop in any of them and you’ll see lots of young people, dressed in black and looking serious. I love them, they love good coffee in an esthetically pleasing space […]


downtown, Soho

Whenever I need inspiration, a shot of creativity and energy, I go downtown. Ever since I first heard Petula Clark sing Downtown, When you’re alone, and life is making you lonelyYou can always go DowntownWhen you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurrySeems to help, I knowDowntownJust listen to the music of the traffic in the […]