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the capsule wardrobe that captures it

Wardrobe NYC Capsule Wardrobe If you could buy a high quality, capsule wardrobe that perfectly aligned with your style, for a very reasonable price, would you? Sound like a complicated question? It’s not, and I say yes! This, at Wardrobe NYC, is the capsule wardrobe that captures it for me. I recently found this brand, and I’m more […]


a beautiful mess

Earring of the Day This single ear pendant, from Luiny, answers to my love of, what should we call it, quirkiness? Just imagine wearing this, just this one piece of jewelry, with a black dress and red or pink lipstick. Minimalism anyone? A Beautiful Mess My “slow fashion shop” is a mess, and it has […]


wednesday, houndstooth and herringbone

Houndstooth and Herringbone I love the terms houndstooth and herringbone, they’re such homey names. I can imagine some Irish tailor of old: “we’ll call that one herringbone, had herring for breakfast, and that one there looks just like my dog’s teeth!” And once you get those animal references, you won’t mix herringbone and houndstooth up. Yesterday, […]


slow fashion, fast women

You may have noticed, Look for the Woman has a new face. With help from my friend Marion, we changed the banner, including my tagline. Slow fashion is still my passion and that’s not going away. But what do I mean by “fast women”?   The fast woman is the woman I’m writing for.   The term “fast” was used […]

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