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shoe be do be do

shoe be do be do, freda salvador diversity in fashion more edges letter from the editor quoting Ah, shoe be do be do, the search, the search for the perfect shoe, sandal, boot. If there’s anything you actually search for, even research, it should be footwear. Our feet are our base, if our feet hurt, […]



The Sportscar Shoes, cappuccino machines, sports cars, not necessarily in that order, I love them. They’re all similar: sleek luxurious lines, often Italian, not to be abused. While I can’t often wear them, I have thought of buying those size 4 Pradas from the thrift store, just to display them as the works of art I […]


customized shoes from Shoes of Prey

The other day I received my customized shoes from Shoes of Prey. Customized, in this case means I “designed” them for myself on their website. It’s a bit like playing with paper dolls, a bit like coloring, and it may become the new stress reliever for adult women.   The whole designing process is as fun […]