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cleave to me, in a luscious way

  This is an ongoing discussion between Walker Thornton and I, it was inspired by the Harvey Weinstein controversy and Donna Karan’s reaction to the allegations against him. The thread starts here.     Walker You say, Why can’t women have both, why can’t we be both physically sexy and happily sexual, and comfortable with […]


being sexual

  “What worries me is that the pressure on women to appear sexual gets confused with being sexual.” That’s an idea Walker Thornton brought up in the last post, and that really struck me. I can understand her concern, women putting more time into looking sexy and not enough time into actually enjoying their sexual selves, […]


Italian story, part II: La Bella Figura

To see the first part of this story, go here. I woke up early, and super-excited to be in Rome. I took a good, long bath in an old, deep tub in the hotel’s communal bathroom. There was no shower, just a tub with one of those European hoses that at times can be quite […]