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markets, rough trade, and infrastructure

the market infrastructure the skirt rough trade quoting The blog is in desperate need of some infrastructure upgrades, so unlike the government, (do you love how I can turn everything into a political issue?) I’m going to work on that today. So I’m leaving you with just a couple of pictures and thoughts. I took […]


mannequins and self-portraits, seeing me

Mannequins If we think of mannequins at all, we think of the ubiquitous figures we see standing in store windows everywhere. But the development and history of mannequins is fascinating. The term mannequin is from a French word, coming from the Flemish word meaning “little man.” The very first mannequins were dressed up dolls. But […]


vulnerable part II

What did you think of Brené Brown’s TED talk? (Here, if you haven’t seen it.) It blew me away. She is, of course, extremely articulate and personable. She is an expert in her field and obviously dedicated to her research. For me though, what was most compelling about her talk was the story she told about herself and […]